Man Charged for Stealing 5 Pairs of Shoes from His Father.
08/15/2023 08:29 in Local News

A 24-year-old man  pleaded guilty to charges of stealing five pairs of school boots belonging to his father..


Emmanuel Jesse Kyenze pleaded guilty when he appeared before Mombasa chief magistrate Martha Mutuku yesterday 


The court heard that Kyenze had stolen the pairs of shoes with an intention to sell so as he could settle his rent that was overdue.


In his mitigation he informed the court that he committed the offense after his parents declined to assist him to pay his rent.


"It is true l stole the shoes and l intended to sell them to pay my rent ,"he told court.


The charges read that on diverse dates between April and August 2023 at Vijiweni area in Likoni sub-county within Mombasa county Kyenze stole five pairs of school boots valued at Kshs 10,000 belonging to reverend Francis Kibue, his father.


He was further slapped with a second count of, handling stolen boots .


The particulars being that on August 11 this year at Vijiweni area Likoni sub-county Mombasa county, otherwise, than in the course of stealing dishonestly retained one pair of the school boots for his personal use and an empty shoe carton valued at kshs 3500 knowingly or having reason to believe it's to be stolen good.


Mutuku however directed the matter to be mentioned today for sentencing.

Story By: Peter Maseke

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