MOMBASA: Bodaboda Rider Murdered, Motorcycle Taken Away in Likoni.
08/30/2023 11:35 in Local News

Police in Shelly Beach Likoni are looking for a gang that killed a bodaboda rider in a robbery in Senti Kumi area.


The body of Ismael Athman was found lying along Losa Joy-Beach road  with his motorcycle missing, area village elder, Mwalimu Kassim said.


The body had injuries on the back of the head which seemed to have been inflicted by the thieves.


The village elder said they suspect he was killed as he resisted a robbery on his new motorcycle around 1:00am.


Kassim noted that this was the third incident to occur in the area in a span of one month.


"Two weeks ago we witnessed a similar incident where a rider was seriously injured and his motorcycle taken away.'' He added.

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