KILIFI -Man in Court for Forcing His Daughter Into a Marriage With 60-Year-Old Man.
09/24/2023 11:21 in Local News

Alfred Chome Dadu is accused of wilfully failing to protect his 17-year-old daughter by allowing her to get married.

 The charges read that on diverse dates between January and July 14, this year at Gede area, within Malindi sub-county, wilfully failed to protect his daughter from harmful cultural rites, early marriage, that negatively affected her dignity and psychological development.

The court heard that in January this year, the minor while doing odd jobs in a cafe after her father failed to enroll her to secondary school, she the (victim)was approached by John Baya Mitsanze, who promised to cater for her education in a Tertiary institution.

Baya who is also a suspect in this case went a head to meet the Minor's father and paid kshs.15,000 as part of dowry against the will of the girl.

The Minor's father thereafter led her to a house in Gede where the second accused person lived and handed her over to Baya for marriage.

The court further heard that moments ,after the victims father had left,Baya defiled her .

However the victim managed to escape from the suspect's home and sought refugee at a well wishers house ,but her father managed to trace her in her hideout and for the second time he handed her over to Baya 

In July this year she managed to escape and reported her woes to the area Assistant chief who interneved and had her rescued into a children's home .

Through a social worker the matter was reported to police.

Story by: Peter Maseke

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