MOMBASA - Student Attempts Suicide After Failing To Join Form One Due To Lack Of School Fees
02/13/2024 10:40 in Local News

A 14 year old boy in Maweni village, Nyali sub-county within Mombasa county has attempted to commit suicide after he  failed to join secondary school due to lack of school fees.

According to his mother, Mariamu Rama Nzao stated that his son Mariamu John Shuma is belivied to have lost hope in life after she failed to raise school fees to enable him join,Nyagara secondary school in Siaya.

"On many occasions he would mention that he wanted to die since he ,was unable to live with the fact that all his school mates had joined high  schools following completion of their primary education l took it as a joke and yesterday ( Sunday) l found him attempting to climb on the roof of our house in an attempt  to hang himself upon enquiring he began crying and said that he was tired of living at home as his agemates had went on with education,"said the mother.

She added that efforts to apply for bursary funds have borne no fruits since she was turned away on claims that he had to enroll his son for the first term .

"Am pleading with people of good will to save my son's life by taking him to school, it is his only prayer, he is mentally disturbed by the fact that l have been unable to enrol him to secondary school .for now am unable to go on with my life since l have to watch over him all over to prevent him from committing suicide,"she said.

Shuma attended Azhar Shariff primary school in Leisure Mombasa where he managed to score 291 marks in last year's Kenya certificate of primary Education ( KCPE).

On his part Shuma said that he had attempted to commit suicide after failing to join secondary education to accomplish his dream of becoming a surgeon.

"I feel l have no other reason to live,l have undergone alot of frustrations due to poverty having completed my primary education, l feel useless to continue living since l cannot help my mother who has raised us all by herself after our father disowned me and my siblings ,"he lamented.

He went on to state that although he was now undergoing counselling at a local church his only wish was to join secondary and come to the aid of his mother in future 

"My mother's pastor has been offering me counselling in efforts to remove the suicidal thoughts from my mind but l see no need of living anymore if l cannot go to school and remove my mother from the abject poverty she is facing ,"he stated.

Nyali sub county police Commander Daniel Masaba said that he was yet to receive the report.

"This is my area however am yet to get the report l will find out,"he noted.


Written By: Peter Maseke.

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