3 Bright Mombasa Siblings Forced To Hawk Water After Failing To Join Secondary School.
02/19/2024 08:43 in Local News

The trio Rashid Mamvula Nyota who scored 361 marks ,his younger brother Ibrahim Mwamose Nyota garnered 323 marks and their cousin. Hussein  Athman who scored 290 marks are now hawking water in their neighbourhood in efforts to raise school fees for their education

According to Mamvula says that despite beating odds and registering explemarly performance, he feels life has been unfair to him since their dreams of joining secondary school hang on a cliff due to poverty.

"My dream of becoming a pilot has been cut short  due to lack of school fees ,whenever l see my peers going to school  am overwhelmed by bad feelings l feel l have lost hope in life despite having scored good marks am a hopeless person now,"he said.

His younger brother shares the same sentiments and feels fate has judged their family in a harsh manner.

"Why us as brothers ?  I feel life is so unfair despite having worked so hard we feel we will never win the battle against poverty in  our family ,"he noted .

He adds that the three siblings now hawk water in the neighbour and earn ksh200 which they save part of the money with hopes of raising school fees for their first born to join school.

"We have now become casual labourers we hawk water and earn 200 daily. part of the money we use it for food and save the rest to enable our brother join school,"he said.

Although he terms the decision to sacrifice his hard earned money to enable.his brother join secondary he says that he has no choice since he believes his elder brother will come to his family's aid.

"It hasn't been an easy decision ,l too want to continue with my Education,but l have seen it wise to allow my brother join a day school with part of our little savings within Mombasa ,"said Mwamose.

The siblings had  secured positions at Giakanja secondary school in Nyeri,Kaya Tiwi High school in Kwale and Kiundwani Secondary in Machakos respectively.

On her part  Fatuma Nyota  who is their elder sister has noted  that efforts to get help from local leaders has not borne any fruits.

"We have approached the local leaders who have informed us that ,their  hands are tied since they have offered support to other needy students,"she stated.


Written By: Peter Maseke.

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