KILIFI: Demos As Cases On Insecurity On The Rise In Rabai
02/19/2024 09:54 in Local News

Residents of Kambe Ribe ward within Rabai Constituency, Kilifi County woke up to a rude shock after four cows that had been stolen were found slaughtered outside a police station .

According to Mr. Abdullah Chai Mukangi, one of the residents, the cows were allegedly stolen from different homesteads by unknown suspects and later slaughtered outside the Kambe Ribe police station.

The remains of the stolen cows were found scattered along the police station's wall.

Following the wave of crime that has hit the area recently, residents took to the streets and  held peaceful demonstrations accusing police officers attached at the police station of laxity.

"We have had several shops broken into,no arrests have been made so far the criminals had the courage to slaughter the cows just outside the police station a clear indicator that criminals are well known by the police",said a resident.

Habiba Juma also said four shops have so far recently been broken into and goods of unknown value stolen. She added that more than eight motor vehicles had been vandalized with their spare parts taken away.

A spot check by Alshifaa media revealed that the police station is usually locked at night,making it difficult for residents to report criminal activities at night.

"At night the station is usually locked and this way one cannot access the station to report on any type of crime taking place within the area,".

Area sub county police commander Chirchir when reached for a comment stated that he was not aware of the incidences since he was away.

"I have to consult the officcer commanding station to get the full information before l can comment ,"he said.


Written By: Peter Maseke.

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